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How to Never Drop Your Book in the Bath Ever Again
Baths were a lot more fun when I was little and could take my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures in with me! As an adult, it's more appropriate to just take a book into the bath with you; but what if it gets wet? Don't worry, there's a way around that.
How to Keep Your Taco Shell Steady While You Load It Up
If I had to choose a favorite food, I'd say Mexican. What, you were expecting me to narrow it down to just one dish? Impossible! But seriously, I love Mexican food. When my wife says we're having tacos for dinner, I lose my mind. BUT...
How to Keep Squirrels from Getting Into Your Bird Feeder
I've seen a lot of complex methods for keeping our furry "friends" away from the bird seed (a motion-sensor attached to a garden hose is probably my favorite); but this solution might be a little cheaper and easier. Actually, it definitely is.
How to Keep Your Laptop from Overheating
When I bought my laptop computer a couple years ago, I also got suckered into buying a fancy base to put underneath it. It had built-in electric fans to keep my computer from overheating. Turns out, it was a piece of junk. The fan blades broke, jammed up the motor, and fried the whole thing! I s…
How to Open a Can with a Spoon [VIDEO]
My wife and I have this space-age, fancy can opener at home that's supposed to open cans quickly and easily; and it doesn't work at all! It's been the source of a lot of frustration on burrito nights, believe me! That's why I'm glad I found this way to open a can with a sp…

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