Life Hacks

How to Use Crayons as an Emergency Light Source
What do you do if one of these Summer thunderstorms knocks out your power? Reach for a flashlight, of course! But, oh no! Your kids ran down the batteries playing "flashlight tag" last month, and didn't tell you! So now what do you do?
How to Dry a Pair of Wet Shoes in Seconds
Especially with the occasional thunderstorm rolling through this time of year, sometimes the temptation to jump in puddles is too great for the kids (and me) to resist. So what do you do to make sure their shoes are dry and ready for school tomorrow? Try this...
How to Shuck Strawberries [VIDEO]
My wife and I were eating strawberries with our dessert last night, and I couldn't believe how much of each one we ended up throwing away, just because of that darn leafy stem on top....
How to Make Your Own Doorstop [PICTURES]
I've used all manner of things to make household doorstops. Some work better than others (I tried using a DVD case once, and it broke in half). Of everything I've tried, this one makes the most sense.
How to Make Your Own Smart Phone Stand [PICTURES]
My smartphone may not have service on it any more, but that doesn't stop me from using it as a video and music player, as well as a portable gaming machine (I'm hopelessly addicted to Solitaire). I've thought about getting a little stand for it, but they can cost upwards of 20 bucks.…
How to Keep Your Mini Membership Cards Organized
A few times, I've tried to carve out space in my wallet for them; but their unusual size always makes them fall out. If only there was a cheap, easy way to keep all those mini membership cards organized and in one place...

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