Life Hacks

10 Ways to Make Breakfast Easy [VIDEO]
You might think the guy who does the afternoon show on the radio doesn't need to worry about breakfast; and you'd be right, if I didn't have a dog that loves getting up at 8:30 every morning, and who also absolutely has to go outside right away. But I digress...
How to Keep Your Keyboard Keys from Fading [VIDEO]
It's a problem typists and bloggers know all too well: fading keyboard keys. Here in the studio, we luckily just got a new keyboard for your computer; but before that, the old one was definitely showing its age, with the letters on some keys almost completely worn off. Even if you've mem…
How to Fix Your Computer Keyboard’s Broken Foot
Don't you hate it when you finally slump down at your computer for a hard day of work, only to find your keyboard teeter-tottering on one leg? Talk about starting off on the wrong foot! But don't fret, there's a quick fix for that!
How to Serve Pizza, Store Leftovers, and Not Use a Single Dish
I have a weird thing about dishes: I don't like to use them if I don't have to. If I make myself a sandwich for lunch, I put it on a paper towel. If I need a glass of water, I'll rinse out a used one from the night before, rather than grabbing a clean one from the cupboard. I know,…

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