Life Hacks

How to Adjust a Locked Thermostat
I'm not saying I condone breaking the rules; but I am saying that it's important to have priorities. And I'd say the comfort of your guests at an important event is pretty high on the list, wouldn't you?
How to Make Cookies if Your Mixer is Broken
So, you told your best friend you'd bring your famous homemade cookies to her birthday party; but you completely forgot your hand mixer was broken! Oh no! Well, at least you still have the beaters. Time to improvise!
How to Extend the Life of Large Candles
You know those large, decorative candles on your dining room table? I'll bet you wish you could light them more often; but you're afraid they won't last, right? Well, there's a way to make them last a lot longer...
How to Stay Organized While Assembling Furniture
Before I was a DJ, I was a retail employee. I happened to work at a store that sold furniture, and I assembled a lot of that furniture myself. "Insert Part A into slot 3B, and fasten using screw C-C-2..." Yeah, you can imagine how confusing it could be sometimes. Though, it probably wo…
How Old is That Pot of Coffee at the Office? A Quick Way to Tell..
Let's be honest: the coffee in the average office break room is mediocre, at best. But, usually, we can muscle through the taste in the name of getting our precious caffeine. But if that same mediocre coffee has been sitting out all morning, then the taste slips into a whole new realm of unpl…
How to Keep Your Drink Glass from Sticking to Your Coaster or Napkin
Condensation can be a beautiful, but tricky, thing. On the one hand, it makes a full glass of your favorite beverage look even more tantalizing. On the other hand, it's like a magnet for coasters and napkins. It can be embarrassing to bring your glass to your mouth and bring an entire access…

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