How Do You Get a Dried Booger Off The Wall? This Colorado Mom Knows
Of course it must have been a visiting child that left those boogers on my walls, because none of my 3 kids would ever do that...Ha! Anyways, getting a dried booger off the wall is really hard. It's stuck on enough, that if you chip it off (with a finger nail or knife, yuck) it will take the pa…
Easiest Way to Make Slime With Glue, Only 3 Ingredients
We have tried several of the "slime" recipes floating around. Usually, my kitchen is a mess afterwards and the slime goes right in the trash.
In this video my daughter, Tula makes a very basic slime that we really like. Find more Elmer's slime recipe for clear glue, glitter glu…
Amazing Homemade Hummus, Kama Shows You How to Make it
Hummus is the best!
This recipe is based on Alton Brown's Hummus for Real recipe. However, I made a few changes and simplified some conversions for you. I love using peanut butter instead of Tahini and I will soon try using black beans instead of garbanzo beans...

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