Behold the Guts of the New iPad3
Yes, the news of the new iPad3 is everywhere because it went on sale today.  Apple says it's got a dramatically better display, an improved camera and faster processing.  My fellow deejay and blogger, Kevin Mussman, brought us the early reviews yesterday.   Believe it or not…
Apple Announces New High-Definition iPad
Apple unveiled a new iPad this morning at a much anticipated event in California. The new iPad (not iPad HD or iPad 3) will feature full high-definition display among other new features and will go on sale next Friday, March 16, 2012 with pre-sale orders starting today.
iPad 3 Release Predicted in March, Possibly a Mini iPad?
Apple is famous for keeping new products under wraps until unveiled, but the roomers have been swirling again that the release of iPad 3 could happen in March. According to tech insiders, the upgraded device is likely to feature higher-resolution and possibly more memory?
Apple’s “App Store” Surpasses 10 Billion Downloads
Can you believe it?  It took just two and a half years for Apple to celebrate its 10 Billionth app download. That’s 10 Billion with a “B”! It’s hard to imagine anything in terms of billions except for maybe the world population or of course the country’s deficit bu…
Christmas Apps For Kids
This holiday season you can find a slew of mobile applications geared to kids and Christmas.
Whether you’re looking for smart ways to entertain youngsters while you’re traveling, or could use some less expensive (yet fun) Christmas presents for children, you should check out the iTunes St…