Today Is Squirrel Appreciation Day…Really!
With more and more strange holidays and appreciation days than ever before I’m happy to report that squirrels have made it into this exclusive club. Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day. So how does one celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day?
Gifts NOT To Buy For A Woman
I got an email from LTL (Long time listener) Carly, who thought she'd give me these tips on what NOT to buy for a woman.
As a public service I thought I'd pass these along so that men don't make more mistakes than usual this holiday season.
Michael and Susan (Best Of) Yodeling
I've had my share of musical history. You may not know it but I can Yodel. I know there's not a lot of call for Yodeling anymore, but I'm willing to help out. You can hear more by clicking the play button at the end of this post.
"An Austrian court has recently fined a 63-year…
Unsafe Toys
OK, this time of year you always hear the warnings about different types of toys and the hazards they could pose to our kids. I decided I'd put together a list of toys that shouldn't be allowed.