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World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Costs Almost $9,000! [VIDEO]
I'm an adult; and as such, I enjoy the occasional adult beverage. Living in Fort Collins, I pretty much have to love beer; and trust me, I do. I give spirits their fair shake as well, though. The fanciest I usually get in terms of cocktails is a Manhattan; but the cocktail in this story make…
50-Foot Tennis Racket Could Set World Record [VIDEO]
If you've been following my posts for any reasonable amount of time, you know I love Guinness World Records.  And I especially love the more obscure ones!  So of course I had to share (what could be) the world's largest tennis racket with you!  What kind of person would I be…
What’s Your Favorite Kind Of “Pi”?
Three hundred sixty four days of the year I’d probably tell you either key lime or pumpkin but today I let my brain do the talking instead of my stomach. Let’s talk math. It’s “Pi”. You know that funny looking symbol. Well today is "Pi" Day!
$11 Million Christmas Tree
Even Christmas is an opportunity for opulence in the United Arab Emirates.
A gold, diamond and sapphire-studded bejeweled Christmas tree standing 43 feet tall now decorates a lobby rotunda at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, according to several news reports.