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Nordy’s Bar-B-Que and Grill in Fort Collins Suddenly Shuts Down
I don't live near Old Town anymore; but one restaurant on that side of town I managed to try a couple times (and wanted to try again) was Nordy's. Who doesn't love an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, right? Well, unfortunately, I'll never get to go back to the Nordy's Fort Coll…
Underground Bar Coming to Old Town Square in Fort Collins
If you've walked down Mountain Avenue near Old Town Square in Fort Collins recently, you've probably noticed a new set of stairs under construction, leading underground. I had heard murmurs here and there that a new business was moving into an underground space around there, but now we ha…
US McDonald’s Map – We Feel Fatter Already! [IMAGE]
I've had an aversion to McDonald's ever since I was in fifth grade. I ate a quarter-pounder for lunch, wend rock-climbing with my boy scout troop, and then threw up all night long. I've broken down and eaten from the popular fast food joint a few times since then, but I still freque…
CSU Alums are Making a Business Out of Gourmet Marshmallows [VIDEO]
As my wife and I made our way through the Taste of Fort Collins a couple weeks ago, we were approached by people passing out free homemade marshmallows, infused with chocolate chips. Of course, we gladly took some free samples off their hands. They were...absolutely delicious.

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