Northern Colorado’s 2017 Pumpkin Patch Guide
Pumpkin picking season is one of the best seasons in the entire Northern Colorado region. But where can you go to pick up the right pumpkin for your house? Here are five locations in Northern Colorado that you should check out!
The Best Places for Fall Colors in Northern Colorado
As my son and I were driving up to Estes Park this past weekend for the Colorado Jeep Jaunt, we were reminded how fortunate we are to live here. The amazing vistas and the majesty of the Rocky Mountains filled up the view through the windshield like a wide-screen HD television...
Matt Sparx’s Fall Weekend in Photos
This past weekend was a fun one! Filled with adventures and some photos of what we did. Friday night there was an amazing sunset, then a warm Saturday and a fun Sunday in the mountains, followed up by a few great pumpkin beers put an end to the day...
Northern Colorado’s First Fall Frost Could Be Tonight
This week we have seen a big swing in the seasonal change. From the windy Monday we had to now the possibility of seeing our first fall frost of the year.
According to the National Weather Service, we could be seeing freezing temperatures overnight tonight...

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