2 People Arrested Trying To Sell Stolen Dog To Its Owners
Two people in Southern California have been arrested after allegedly trying to sell a stolen bulldog to the dog's original owners.
The English bulldog, named Gunny, was stolen during a robbery on October 17. Just last week, his owners found him listed in a Craigslist ad for $2,500, and immediate…
Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Ringing doorbells, weird-looking humans, FOOD...Halloween can be an exciting time for pets, and it's important to keep them safe with all that excitement going on.
Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on October 31!
38% Dog Owners Love Their Pet More Than Their Partner
Nothing can come between a dog lover and their beloved dog child - and for a lot of people, their dog is more loved than their spouse or significant other.
According to a new survey of nearly 1,000 dog owners, 38% love their dog more than their partner or spouse...

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