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Could Tony Romo Become a Denver Bronco This Week?
Since Peyton Manning left the Broncos, it seems like there is a lack of confidence and leadership on the offensive line. Could it be that a veteran quarterback is what the Denver Broncos need in the locker room?
Rumors are flying around that Romo could be released from the Cowboys this week and the D…
Peyton Manning to Speak at GOP Retreat This Week
According to Politico, former Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning will be speaking at the GOP Retreat in Philadelphia this week.
Peyton Manning will be speaking on Thursday night. However, no official word on the subject that he will be speaking about...
The Denver Broncos Have a New Special Teams Coordinator
A lot has been happening in the Denver Broncos off season with the coaching staff and this week is no different. The Broncos have a new Special Teams Coordinator and his name is Brock Olivo.
Olivo comes from Kansas City where he was the Special Teams assistant to Dave Toub and this is his first posit…
Wade Phillips Leaves Denver Broncos for L.A. Rams
There are three things that are certain in the NFL:

The season flies by way too quick
It seems like forever until the next football season rolls around
Nothing seems to stay the same for long in the NFL

After our win in Super Bowl 50, we knew that Peyton Manning was going to be riding off into the sunse…
Vance Joseph is the New Head Coach of the Denver Broncos
John Elway Tweeted out this photo of our new Head Coach of the Denver Broncos with the title "It's official".
It's official.
Excited to announce Vance Joseph as head coach of the Denver Broncos!
— John Elway (@johnelway) January 11, 2017

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