Doc’s Blog: When I Achieved Not Achieving.
Picture: Doc Jarnagin/TSM
“Reeks Like Rank” kind of means what it says. It smells and it smells bad. The term was borne from a naturalized citizen who still struggles at times to convert his native tongue to our English slang. In this case, he was sitting next to a woman at a Pai Gow tabl…
Gymboree Announces Closure of 7 Colorado Locations
It's been a tough year for retail stores all across the country, as the competition from online shopping sites have put a major dent in the revenue that these stores once produced. Gymboree will now exit the Northern Colorado retail space.
How to Spot a Card Skimmer in Colorado
It seems like there is a new story at least once per week discussing an ATM machine skimming scam that has occurred at a local merchant or gas station that people have lost money through. But do you know how to spot them?
15 Missing Dogs in Colorado That Need Your Help
When you have a dog in your family, you know and realize how instant it is that they become a lovable part of your family. When that dog suddenly is missing, there is a hole in your heart that needs to be filled. That's why we need to bring these dogs home.
Possible Video Proof That Colorado Bigfoot Exists
Park County in Colorado has had the most reported sightings of Bigfoot throughout the state, with 10 being reported in history. Teller, Lake, and Conejos counties round out the top four with sightings happening as recently as the last two years.
How Colorado Ranks In Terms Of Patriotism
Wallet Hub just released its list "The Most Patriotic States In America."
How did they decide?  13 criteria having to do with either military or civic engagement.
Colorado ranks as the 5th most patriotic state.  Beating us out in that are:
#4 South Carolina
#3 Wyoming
#2 Alask…

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