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According to Colorado Law These Items are Sandwiches
If you're ordering a sandwich in the state of Colorado, things might start to get a bit confusing...
According to, the official definition of a sandwich is this:
"two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish,cheese, etc...
Colorado Residents, Get Out Your Rain Barrels
HB16-1105 was signed by Governor Hickenlooper on May 12th.
Under the new Colorado law, residents can now own up to two 55 gallon rain barrels, which means it will save you some money on your monthly water bill when it comes to watering your garden from here on out...
Colorado to Create Marijuana Courier License
It would be the first of its kind... Weed taxi, ganja delivery man, kush Uber, toking transporters... I could go on all day with these puns, really, I could... But I'll spare you. Colorado is moving forward on creating this first of a kind license for marijuana couriers...
Teen Military Concealed Carry Bill Goes Forward
Colorado law currently allows those that are over the age of 21 to legally conceal carry firearms, but that could be changing for those under the age of 21 that serve in the military soon thanks to a bill backed by some Senators of Colorado.
Feds Decide Not to Challenge State Marijuana Laws
Ever since Colorado passed Amendment 64 last November, allowing for the recreational use and sale of marijuana, one question has had supporters on the edge of their seats: Since Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, will the feds step in and put the kibosh on our new state laws? Today, tha…
New State Law Says You Can’t Throw Away Electronics
My wife and I are getting ready to move, and I always begin the packing process by throwing away anything I can. I happen to have an old PlayStation that doesn't work anymore, and I had planned on just throwing it in the dumpster sometime this week. Turns out, I have to recycle it instead.

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