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Can Your Cell Phone Really Crash a Plane? [VIDEO]
Ever been frustrated by flight attendants frantically telling you to turn off your mobile device on an airplane? I have. It's not that I'm so addicted to technology that I absolutely must have my phone on at all times; I just never understood how a super-advanced flying machine could fal…
Cell Phones May Cause Cancer, Says New Study
Most of us carry a cell phone and use them frequently. Like many, I have even dropped my landline and gone cell phone only, but news released today might have some reconsidering?
According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer the radiation in cell phones may cause cancer.
The group came …
What Your Ringtone Says About You
I am always running into these psychological "studies", where psychologists tell you what your favorite color says about your personality, or how your persona is displayed by your favorite snack food. I think most of them are just bunk, with psychologists trying to get some print. …
BTW, They’re Also Called Acronyms
My phone is not a member of Mensa, in fact it's only about as smart as I am, but I do get calls and texts on it from my savvy friends.  While I am delighted to be dragged into technology (kicking and screaming), 'Text Speak' is a whole new thing to me.