Arabian Horses

CSU Ambulatory a Regular at Susan’s Barn
Through the years I've called on CSU Vets to help my sick or wounded horses.  They are
on call 24/7 and have never let me down.
For example, July 21st was the Sunday morning I found my 2-year-old fillies' leg ripped open just above the fetlock...
Nursery and Sick Bay in Susan’s Barn [PICTURES]
My curious, into everything, two-year-old filly got caught on 'something' that ripped
her leg open Sunday morning. Anyone with horses has likely experienced
this mystery.   I fed at 7am and she was fine, but when I checked on the horses
at 11am I saw the gash...
There’s a New Baby in Susan’s Barn – [PHOTOS]
This little girl  was born between 11:30 Saturday night and 3:30 Sunday morning. After living in the barn for days, I did not get to see the actual birth, and I think Ari planned it that way.  New baby is  a good eater and her dam is a good mother...
Susan’s Pregnant Foster Mare-Week 6 of Baby Watch
July 10th is my birthday.  ALL I want is a new foal in my barn. We're into week 6 of 'Baby Watch' and our Arabian foster mare, Arizona is huge. Each morning before I leave for work, I check to see if our new arrival has been born.  This morning, Ari put her head on my should…
Susan’s Pregnant Foster Mare Update
We're 2 weeks into 'baby watch' for Arizona, our Arabian foster mare from Denkai Animal Sanctuary. As this picture shows, she's pregnant but there are no records to
indicate when exactly she will deliver. It's day to day anticipation.  Each morning
before work (that'…

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