July 10th is my birthday.  ALL I want is a new foal in my barn. We're into week 6 of 'Baby Watch' and our Arabian foster mare, Arizona is huge. Each morning before I leave for work, I check to see if our new arrival has been born.  This morning, Ari put her head on my shoulder as if to say,

'MOM...let's do this already...it's entirely TOO hot to be so pregnant'.



The above photo shows Mak and me trying to entertain Ari, but she really prefers to be groomed and doted on...the picture below is Kim, my barn angel, happily obliging

Susan Moore,TSM

Though she was seized by the Larimer County Sheriffs office in March in a Cruelty to Animals case, I know she's been loved on. Unfortunately that's not enough to sustain a horse. She was lacking food and water, along with 19 other horses including 4 other pregnant mares.

So, as I blow out the gazillion candles on my cake tomorrow...I will make a wish for a healthy newborn foal.  I don't think that's asking a lot, do you?