Oh, the weight battle.  Ten weeks ago I made up my mind to take off 10 pounds. That was just one pound per week and I'm delighted to report that those 10 pounds are gone.  Yes, 'a pound a week for 10 weeks' puts losing weight into perspective for me.  But on to 'Plumpie's' story.

Volare, my 3-year-old filly is going to a horsey spa where she'll only get grass hay. Not alfalfa, sweet feed, carrots, beer or wine.

While I will miss my buddy at my barn, she must lose weight.  She's laminitic.

Volare XRAY  Jan. 2014

Laminitis is painful and can be caused by various factors.  I think Volare's problem began with this injury last summer, followed by weeks in a stall, and of course she was my poor  baby...I just spoiled her.  That's why Volare is moving to a new home for a while.  I'm thinking, 'how many pounds a week for how many weeks?'


This last picture is also in an 18x20 frame hanging in my barn.  It's Volare as a baby with all 4 feet off the ground, hence her name: "Volare" (to fly) ...  and she SO will again, soon...

Volare and mom

also pictured, the prettiest mare in my barn, Tiara Fantasymoun