This weekend Grand Lake is expecting high's in the 30's, low's in the single digits, and a group of women from Fort Collins. It's 'Girl's Weekend' and I'm SO ready.

Our hostess Kitty (pictured above wearing turquoise) isn't revealing much, but did let us know to bring a big fluffy robe for our visit to Hot Sulphur Springs.  The Ute Indians believed in the healing powers of the waters there and referred to them as “Big Medicine”.

Kitty also asked if we had snowmobile suits.  In the winter, Grand Lake, is deemed the "Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado". It's been 40 years since my last snow mobile ride
and I'm so looking forward to replaying the fun from my childhood in North Dakota.

This will be my first trip to Grand Lake and we all will be staying at Kitty's fabulous home
which as I understand is within walking distance to a Mexican restaurant with fabulous margaritas.  I'll be back on the air Monday with stories.