Men THINK they know about a hot flash, when in truth they have no idea. In my experience I'll just be minding my own business when suddenly it feels like I'm standing too close to a huge bonfire. My skin becomes red and hot, I sweat profusely and can't breathe. I start taking off clothes! First I kick off the shoes and socks, then unzip, unbutton, unfasten, and pull off everything in a frenzy at record speed. For most guys it's probably a dream come true, but I must admit this can be embarrassing in public. Wahoo, girl time... NOT!

My husband insisted on air conditioning in our home when we moved, and I love him for that. It soothes, cools and allows me to sit and breath. It truly has been a life saver this year with temperatures so hot that schools without air conditioning had to cancel classes. Plus I can keep SOME of my clothes on when those lovely moments of being flash fried come around. Ladies you know what I'm talking about!

No one should have to be miserable in the heat...and remember guys, when mama ain't happy, NOBODY is happy. That's right; Tracy Byrd knows what I'm talking about! Even though we're headed into Winter, you know that when summer rolls around again air conditioning is such a nice convenience. A little expensive though right? Think again; this next week we are holding a special auction with big ticket items, and an air conditioner is one of those. Here's a way to get a little relief from the heat at a fraction of the normal cost.