Dear Mom,

Having so much fun at camp. We had canoeing last week. Austin the jr. camper was so excited she kept jumping up and down in the canoe and tipping us over! Luckily we all had our life preservers on ( of course we Arabs are excellent swimmers). We finally had to put her in a canoe with Heidi the senior camper ( she is also her mother and I'm pretty sure the camp director's favorite) who had to sit on her. Tomorrow we are having beauty school, the camp director said I am old enough for color if I want, but my Dodgie said he prefers the natural look.❤️❤️❤️❤️


I am getting close to my weight goal and it's been so much fun.




Ps hope your fingers are better so I can still get my special scratches when I get home

PSS come see me soon. Xoxo