I've always believed there's nothing better for a horse than a little girl...(even if she's
living in a 57-year-old body :).  Ari has been in my foster care since the first of June
and delivered her filly Sunday, July 14.  Thanks to Floss and Denkai Animal
Sanctuary I was allowed my baby fix and truly loved every minute of it.

Yesterday Floss brought a family of 5 to my barn to meet Ari and baby and
the connection was just magic.  Mom and 2 little girls fell in love and Dad
and brother were very supportive! (guys do come in handy for chores,
helping at horse shows, and earning money for hay). The family has big
plans for these Arabian horses, including barrel racing and 4-H.  I couldn't be happier
and yes, I will cry when I see them pull away from my barn. They're headed
to a 40-acre farm with grass up to their bellies in Wyoming.

Soon things will be back to normal on my little farm.  I will ride Lily and
Tiara and training will resume for Mak and Volare. We will all miss Ari and
her little filly but her new family has promised to keep us posted and we
will love following their adventures.