It's been 20 days since my facelift...10 days since a horse related
accident TO my face and here is how my face looks today.  Thank
you to  Dr. Schutte, Front Range Plastic Surgery in Loveland

Dr.Schutte and Susan in ER 11.12.11

Today(11.18) I go see Dr.Schutte for an update
on my face lift. If all goes as well as I think it will, I get to
see the new Twlight movie this afternoon AND be back to
work Monday.

You can't tell from the angle in this photo, but there is a
HUGE RED 'S' on Dr. Schutte's scrubs. I really followed
Dr.'s orders and did NOTHING all week...except, I did see
more angels than usual. I did tell you I got a pretty good
bonk on the head, didn't I?   The haloed ones came with
flowers, cards, food and cookies.  My dog Jazz has kept
a constant vigil, my sister came to visit me, and my radio
family continues to send kind thoughts...



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Tuesday November 15.2011

Dr. Schutte got me in around noon yesterday (11.14.11) He was sweet as ever but disappointed that I'd injured my face just 10 days after he had given me a facelift. When he asked me who had saddled up my horse, I realized there was confusion on what exactly happened Saturday (11.12.11).

1. I was not ON a horse, I was standing in their path as they were galloping into the barn, after being spooked by something blowing in the 100 mile an hour wind.

2. Three friends were there but it was EARLY in the afternoon and not an alcohol fueled situation...soI have no excuse to blame my stupidity on.

3.This incident gives new meaning to ' Wrong Place at the Wrong TIme'. There is no right time to be in the path of running horses.

I was OUT cold for most of an hour, but  do remember what happened just before...and those Arabian horses were enchanting, heads up, tails up, snorting, prancing, seducing me to come
play with them as I always do...and will do again... when I heal.

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Sunday November 13.2011

The last thing I remember was yelling 'Whee' as the
horses were running toward me and the paddock
amid the WIND we had yesterday.  (11.12.11)

My 3 dear friends were there when it happened. Alicia said I got knocked over then trampled by a horse, and declared me dead. Cintia said I was only knocked out-COLD-and added, 'she's tough...she'll be fine'.  Ashleigh figured either way, we’d need an ambulance and called 911. I'm quite a high maintainence friend, huh?

Having JUST had facelift on 11.02.11, my poor face was already 'tender' and as the photo's show, I experienced additional trauma to it. Poudre Valley Hospital ER called my plastic surgeon, Dr Schutte, to resew the beautiful work he'd done last week. He was at the CSU game with his son...bless his heart.

Likely will not be at work for a while as I cannot imaging putting headphones on for now. Head injuries scare me but a CAT scan proved it was not my day to die. :) Thank you all my angels...

I had a visit from Ashleigh and her two kids. They brought me home made cookies, get well cards,
AND a paper airplane with a tootsie roll tucked inside...sooooo sweet.