Dear Mom,
Sorry I haven't written for a while but we have been very busy at camp.
Between activities and my boyfriend Dodgie (his real name is Dodge but I call him Dodgie)❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hardly have time to eat! The camp director is going to a place called St. Louis, she said there is an arch there, it must be a beautiful place cause she said I have a beautiful Arab arch to my neck? I hope your hand is feeling better, I miss you, come see me soon.

Love Volare

Kitty Wilson for TSM

Dearest Mom,
(Note the new salutation, I don't want Mac to replace me as the favorite)
I am having a great time at camp. The camp director ( or as we like to call her Mrs.  Bossypants) said  we were going to make something called a smore around the campfire next week . It has graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow. I know what a marshmallow is cause the camp director said it is like the tips of Dodgies ears ( I am enclosing a great pic of you riding him), I tried licking Dodgies ears through my portable nibble net but not sure what the fuss is about marshmallows. But Dodgie sure liked it. Also not sure what a graham cracker is but I am sure I will like them. So can I stay at camp awhile longer and still be your favorite?
Ps the camp director has a new pet turtle named Larry to keep Mary company she is very excited and told us all about him!
P.s.s come visit soon!

Dear Mom,
Well we had our s'mores around the campfire, I have to say Dodgie ears taste much better with marshmallow cream on them! Actually I think anything must taste better with marshmallows on them.  ( it does kind of make your hooves sticky though). I got to sit next to Dodgie the whole time.  Cuda tried to sit by me too but he is to young, not mature and sophisticated like my Dodgie. We sang a song called Kum by ya not sure what it means bits it's sweet and we all held hooves.  I signed up for camping today I will let you know how it goes, Ms. BP says we have to wear life preservers guess she doesn't know we Arabs are excellent swimmers.  Come see me soon, I am looking svelt (new word).
Love volare
Ps hope your fingers are better.