Get ready it seems the Super Bowl will be all the rage on FaceBook this year.

In its second annual Super Bowl survey, Venables Bell found that 15% of Super Bowl watchers plan to post something about the game on Facebook alone.

If Fox gets the estimated audience of 100 million this year, that means there will be 15 million people come game day ready to send a message to an average of 130 friends. That’s 1.95 billion potential impressions during and postgame.

During the game, 22% of Americans plan to be on Facebook (vs.16% in 2010) and 22% plan to text, 4% plan to tweet. These percentages nearly double for young adults (18-29). When asked what they will be posting about, almost a quarter of respondents said they would post something about the ads, the half-time show, parties, players and coaches.

Will you be posting about the Superbowl on FB this year ?