Orchards Athletic Club has been around for what seems like forever.

It first opened in 1978 there at the Orchards Shopping Center; this Sunday it will shut down.

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The Reporter-Herald is reporting today how after 34 years, it would appear that Orchards Athletic Club will close this Sunday.  It is sad story for Loveland- seeing as how the club has been at the corner of 29th and Lincoln since my childhood!

The current owners of the club, Hugh and Ainslie MacEachran (twin brothers), have owned Orchards Athletic Club since 2005. The brothers are former elite cyclists with experience in health club management.

From The Reporter-Herald:

Shortly after the brothers bought the business, three new health clubs moved into Loveland, Ainslie MacEachran said. And the expansion of the tax-supported Chilson

Center didn’t help, either, they said.

“When the city revamped their facility, basically my taxes went to put me out of business,” Hugh MacEachran said.

Currently, Orchards Athletic has about 1,500 members – down from 2,000 in 2005 when the MacEachran’s took over.

The club has about 55 employees- with only a handful being core full time staffers.

The club will be on reduced hours through the week with their last day’s (Sunday) being 8a-Noon.

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