Marijuana has long been defended as a harmless drug, legalizing it might as well have stood on this as a foundation, at least in part, to get voters approval. Now that the usage is becoming more accepted and thus creating potentially greater usage amongst long time smokers and newbies more studies are sure to come. Such a study, conducted over a period of years points to marijuana may be harming your heart.

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As revealed in the Journal of the American Heart Association, a French study over the course of four years, they found increased cardiovascular complications. The study found that the test subjects, mostly men with an average age of 34, suffered from a variety of ailments. Several test subjects showed signs of cardiovascular complications with 25.6 percent of them dying. Researchers feel that this is a significant enough finding that more people should be aware of the cardiovascular disease risks, especially to younger adults.

Marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado with 21 other states allowing limited usage.