Location: Steamboat Springs, CO (Map)
Cost: dependent on activities and accommodations
Age Range: All Ages Trip Time: 1-10 Days

It's called Ski Town, U.S.A.®. They reserved the phrase 'Champagne Powder'®. If Steamboat Springs is famous for anything, it's skiing. But when you talk to people who really know the town, they say the summer is even better than the winter.

'I came for the winters and stayed for the summers' can be heard echoing up and down Lincoln Ave., Mt. Werner Circle, and Yampa St. If the amount of snow, the vertical rise, and the unbelievable tree skiing makes Steamboat one of the best places in the world to ski and snowboard, the sheer increase in the amount of things to do in the summer combined with the perfect Colorado climate at 6,700 feet is what makes some people more passionate about the summer than the winter.

The 3 Sides of Steamboat in the Summer

Steamboat Springs has plenty to do, listed below, but they want you to know about three main things.

  • True Western Heritage - Steamboat was a town before the chairlifts started running
  • Water - the Yampa  and Elk Rivers, nearby Lake Steamboat and other great bodies of water, plus hot springs in town and just outside of town as well.
  • Bicycling - Downhill and cross country mountain biking, road cycling and more

Things to Do

  • Hiking
  • Biking - road, mountain, leisurely cruises on the bike path next to the Yampa River
  • Fishing
  • Whitewater - rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding,
  • Fishing - lake and river
  • Swimming
  • Rodeo
  • Horseback Rides
  • Golf
  • Dining
  • Spa
  • Live Music
  • Shopping
  • Camping
  • Hunting
Haymaker Golf Course with the ski resort in the background

 What Does Steamboat Offer That No Other Mountain Town Does?

Steamboat is the realest Colorado ranch community than any other. All of the mountain towns can find you some horses to ride. Many of them create them because it is expected. Steamboat was founded as a ranch town. When you walk down Lincoln in downtown Steamboat, the reason the street is so wide is because it was built that way was to accommodate cattle drives.

If you want to meet real cowboys, real ranchers, and ride horses through a true western heritage town, Steamboat is your spot.

Paul and Sarah with Olympic skier and real cowboy, Ray Heid

Del's Triangle 3 Ranch was started in the early 60's and now does rides for the public almost every day of the year, winter and summer. If you take a ride and are lucky enough to have your horse near Ray Heid's he'll tell you stories about the people the places in the town were named for like Bud Werner (his best friend until his death in the 60's) and Billy Kidd. He's a cowboy skier and on the ride will point to Sand Mountain and talk about the turns he made there last week (after walking up it, and he's 75 years old).

Hot Water Flows from the Ground

There is magic in Steamboat, and part of that is the hot water that comes out of the ground.