Steamboat received over 80 inches of snow before December this year

Steamboat Resort is going to have a great 2013/14 season. Not only have they already received enough snow to make February jealous, but they have added a feature that will make families from all around love their visit even more than they ever have before. What is that feature? Night skiing.

Powder Day, Meet Powder Night

On a great powder day at Steamboat, the only reason I stop skiing is because they kick me out at 4pm. Now, my only issue will be keeping enough fuel in my body to keep making turns. There aren't many places that have night skiing, and NONE of them have snow like Steamboat. Terrain is important, but without great snow, it's just turns on hardpack. That is fine, if that's all you have, but usual night skiing is characterized by a fear of falling because it can only be done on the main runs that, with average snow amounts, become as hard as the freeway. Add the cold of the night, and it stiffens to a hardness that is just frightening. The more snow that falls, the softer things are, the more enjoyable the ride, the less likelihood of pain or injury. It's simple math. Tons of snow + smaller crowds + night skiing = big smiles that last past sunset.

I talked with Loryn Kasten about the addition of lights to Ski Town, U.S.A, Olympian Billy Kidd's 50th anniversary of his medal win, and the rest of the fun that will be happening in Steamboat this season.

Family Frenzy

All resorts have sprung into action in the past 2 decades, adding as many interesting post 4pm things for families to do as they can, because they know that for people travelling with the kids, the time between when the lifts close and open again can become boring. Sure, the kids could stick their noses in their phones and tablets from 4:30pm until they sleep..or you could say the 5 magic words--"The park is still open." You'll see them, exhausted, after it closes.

Plus, I honed 1/3 of my skills that I am so happy to have now skiing at night. I grew up on one of a handful of resorts in America that have lights (Seven Springs). While the kids at Vail and Beaver Creek are having dinner, you'll be doing park laps, making turns down See Ya, See Me, Sitz and Stampede, working on your quest to Olympic Gold. Or fun.

Powder days turn to powder nights with night skiing at Steamboat.