For some of us this is what starts our day.  Can't live without it.  What would I be talking about?  Coffee.  Well your beverage could see a price increase.

According to KDVR, Starbucks has announced that your latte could cost you more starting this Tuesday, the company will be raising the price on some of its popular drinks.

Starbucks said that on average a drink will cost between 5 and 20 cents more, which really isn't that bad.  It will depend though on what you order and where you’re making the purchase.

The price that you pay for a tall or venti sized latte will go up by between 15 and 20 cents, to give you an idea. However, the price of a grande or medium-sized latte won’t change at all.

A tall brewed coffee and any sized frappuccino won’t change either.

It's not that it's a huge difference right?  At least they let us know about it before hand instead of surprising us right?

Is coffee your thing or do you go for another beverage?