Ever wondered how many calories are in your favorite morning cup of coffee? Nutritional information is usually easy to find online and in some restaurants, but now Starbucks is planning to post calorie information next to it's drink menu in stores so it's easier for customers to see.

Starbucks told 9NEWS that that the chain has plans to post calories in it's shops, but a timeline of when that will happen across the U.S. is still being determined.

Here are the top 3 highest and lowest calorie drinks according to Starbucks' website:

Highest calories:
1. Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino is 500 calories
2. White Hot Chocolate has 420 calories
3. White Chocolate Mocha - 400 calories with 2% milk, and 350 calories if you go with nonfat milk

Lowest calorie options:
1. Tazo Tea has 0 calories
2. Bold Pick of the Day has just 5 calories
3. Iced Coffee - 90 calories