In case you missed the touchdown of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, on the final shuttle mission, you can view the landing right here.

Listen to Mission Control and Atlantis' crew share thoughts on the end of an era.

This has been such a momentous week in the history of space travel. Today is the day that the Apollo 11 astronauts blasted off from the moon after Man's first manned mission to the moon.

Gus Grissom on this day in 1961 became the second human in space aboard the "Liberty Bell" spacecraft.

I, personally have so much nostalgia for space travel. I remember lying on the floor in front of our black and white TV watching the moon landing, well past my bedtime.

I also recall when my parents and I went from Virginia to Cape 'Kennedy' to watch an Apollo launch camping out in our car in Florida's relentless heat and even more relentless mosquitoes, but it was worth ever bite.

So now what's next? The United States isn't packing up and giving up on space, quite the contrary.

So what reminiscences do you have of the space program that stick out?