I live on the South end of Fort Collins; and lately, I've been really excited about new restaurants and businesses opening on my end of town.  Sure, Old Town is still a great area; but it's nice having cool eateries and shops nearby, instead of all the way across town.  So honestly, I'm kind of sad to know that a South Fort Collins bistro has decided to move North...

D'Vine Bistro is moving from its location at 2580 East Harmony Road (three minutes from our house), to the old Dempsey's location in Old Town, at the corner of Oak and Mason streets (20 minutes from our house).  Owners are planning on closing the old location at the end of October, and re-opening in Old Town in mid-November.

The staff will grow from 10 to about 50, said co-owner and chef Howard Brigham. D’Vine offers tapas and small plates, along with dinners such as scallop burger sliders and flatbread pizza. Brigham said owning an Old Town restaurant is a dream come true, and he hopes to entice walk-by customers with high-quality but casual food.

Coincidentally, I was just thinking Robyn and I should try this place.  I guess we'll have to have our next date night before the end of October (which shouldn't be that hard)!

Do you think relocating is a good movie for d'Vine?  Let us know in the comments section.