On my short commute from Fort Collins to Windsor today, I suddenly found myself driving behind a sight I've honestly never seen outside of commercials and movies.

The car in front of me had a gas pump hanging off of it!

That's right, someone had driven away from a gas station without putting the pump back in its place.

I tried to get the driver's attention, but he was completely oblivious (which probably explains how the gas pump got there in the first place).  As he turned onto the I-25 on-ramp, I could only watch, and hope somebody else would get his attention.

Well, I thought, at least now I have something to talk about with Paul at the end of his show this morning!

So just in case you missed it, here's me and Paul talking about it:

Then, almost immediately, we had someone call in who used to work at a gas station; and she said she saw that happen a lot!

Here's the call:

Have you ever seen someone drive away with a gas pump?