If you have ever done the Sleigh Riders Christmas Toy Run then you know it's one of the funnest rides around.  Will a parade ride happen for the 'Summer Series' event?

The Sleigh Riders have no doubt that the 'Summer Series Poker/Toy Run' on Saturday, June 28th, will in fact start with a parade ride from Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson to the Windjammer at Carter lake. Talks have long been going on and permits have been filed so I am very hopeful and optimistic that we will no doubt be adding a parade ride to the Summer Series event every year.

Santa Cops of Larimer county, benefactors from the Summer Series event, are behind the idea 100% along with the City of Loveland and also the Larimer County Sheriff's office to again help set this run aside from any other.

In addition to a parade ride to begin the event, the Summer Series Poker/Toy Run prides itself in the biggest payouts for a poker run of $1000, $500 and even third best hand pays $250. Live music, lots of prizes and a 175 mile mountain route that no one else does either makes this ride unique and that doesn't even account for what we are going to make you do along the route to collect your poker hand cards.  Pulling out of a stack?  BORING!

Sign up today and save some money plus get a free ride shirt and breakfast.  Cost goes up the day of the event and you will have to buy your own breakfast and shirt/s.  Click on the big red link below and then click on the 'Summer Series' once on the Sleigh Riders website.  See you on Saturday, June 28th for the best motorcycle/poker run in Northern Colorado.

The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity and benefits Santa Cops of Weld and Larimer counties.