Cornice Run is irresistable.

It can be seen from the chair, with the shadows and serrations of the edge making me think, "That's a blue?" For A-Basin, that's what a blue run looks like. 

I skied it twice in a row. Once to scout it and the second time to just let it fly. I have to admit, both times I had me holding back a little bit. The simple consequence of going big over a cornice like that is that you will be going about 50 mph by the time you land. It's not the jump that scares me, but the turns I have to make after ward to bring things back under control.

What a great run!

I tracked the routes I took, and it was fun to be able to drop in on the high side, then ski along it back up onto the ridge, and drop in again.  Two runs. Four drops. Awesome.