Keystone is a great resort.

Though it doesn't always get great snow, when it does, it's a real gem, and the shiniest part of the gem is the Outback.

Here is some footage from what seems like backcountry, but is actually inbounds at Keystone.


There is a big 'snow job' in the beginning. That is me snowing in my good friend Scott. A couple things about that.

1) He is one of only 5 people in the world that I can do that to. He (and all the others) is a guy I've known since 1st grade, when we used to always do that kind of thing to each other. We still do.

2) Of course it is only done after he falls and I've confirmed he is not hurt. :)

3) I have a pretty good fall of my own at about one minute into the video. Luckily, he wasn't behind me to repay the favor, but since my hands were out of the gloves, it ended up being pretty cold!