Something came up on the program yesterday morning that still sticks in my craw! Had to look that one up:


Google results: 1. (old-fashioned) if a situation or someone's behaviour sticks in your craw, it annoys you, usually because you think it is wrong

OK that fits my definition!

Several years ago, I was called at the last minute to sing the National anthem the NEXT day at a Colorado Eagle's game. More on that experience here.

I was thrilled for the invite, but hadn't sung it publicly, for over 15 years and was terrified. I drove up and down the Big Thompson Canyon, (I lived in Estes Park then) singing it non-stop, trying to make sure I didn't forget the lyrics, let alone suck at my singing of what I view, and many I know see, as a sacred song.

This is a tough one to sing.

I ended up up signing the song, I think seven times, (and was well received) when suddenly I was told it wouldn't happen an eight time.

What? What did I do wrong? I hit the "Rockets red glare" with glory? What's the deal?

It was because my former employer didn't want my name announced before the singing. OK, I said; No name is required or use my OFF AIR name, Charles Michael Leisenring to announce.  No big deal to me.

They still said no!

It's not about EGO, it's about honoring our country.

I couldn't believe I was banished from singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM, because of petty commercial issues.

Yet; it happened.

Shame on you. It's been years, but it still pisses me off!!!!!

I'm sorry to be crude, but this still ticks me off.

I was recently; and pleasantly received; singing the National Anthem at the CBR finals and thank you for that.