I've spent the better part of my 56 years, writing, performing and singing music. It is the lover in my life, filling my soul whether I'm happy, sad, melancholy or just plain goofy. That's why I've had so much about the current crop of singing shows on the program. To expose you and myself to the up and coming and unheard artists that shine.

For about four years, I hosted an online only radio program that featured only Indie/Unknown artists and was constantly amazed by the quality of writing and production. I had to give it up in the interest of time, since I was trying to write and produce my own music, and continue to do so.

It's been amazing to watch the meteoric climb of the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and so many others from American Idol.

But with the advent of X-Factor and The Voice and their differing formats in auditioning and choosing potential winners, I have been in a quandary.

Which do I like best?

American Idol is too raw for my tastes anymore with the A Capella auditions and the still someone snarly
comments by the judges.

I get the same from the judging from time to time on the X-Factor, but there has been some amazing talent on this show. Now that Simon has dismissed Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, who knows what to expect ?.

I'm not sure if X-Factor is going to survive.

When it comes to The Voice, I am totally blown away. When I first saw the 'blind auditions', I was a little put off, but no more! The Voice is my favorite by far, though I'm sure I'll be catching the other shows. I also really enjoy the frivolity the coaches have with each other. My favorite part of the show is that every performer comes out with a fully arranged version of the song, rather than a raw performance. They can focus on what it it to be a genuine artist.

Just my opinion. Whats yours? Do you totally disagree with me ? I know we ran a Facebook poll, but I'd like to see your reaction here.