Are you one of those drivers who, like I, avoids I-25 because it's SCARY out there? We have routes to get most everywhere in northern Colorado that parallel the evil interstate. My favorite is County Road 5. While it's not as quick a trip, I use it to get from my farmette in SE Fort Collins to Loveland, Greeley, Johnstown, etc. Well, here's some news to boost our confidence to use I-25.

Credit: TSM Staff

The Colorado Department of Transportation says that putting ramp meters at the Harmony and 392/Carpenter Road exits at I-25 will actually help keep traffic moving. CDOT concedes that there will be some wait at the signals but they say overall travel time will improve. The signals will only be used during morning and evening rush hours on weekdays.

From a safety standpoint, the signals will allow drivers to get on the interstate at a rate of speed that's determined by highway traffic. Stats show this can reduce accidents, particularly rear-end and side crashes. The installation begins today and should take
about two months to complete but even then there is no exact timeline for the signals to start being used.

While the meters are already being used in the state, these will be the first in northeastern Colorado.

My Source for this news story: CDOT Press Release