All Aboard Animal Rescue in Fort Collins is now searching for a missing Chihuahua after it was stolen from an adoption event they held on Saturday (Aug 2).

Scott Heavey, Getty Images

They're now searching high and low now (well mostly LOW) for Siberia the Chihuahua puppy (not pictured.) It seems that a 16-year old girl wanted to adopt the little dog from All Aboard Animal Rescue in Fort Collins, but was told she’s too young to do so; she left to supposedly take some paperwork about adoption to her folks.

However, a little later, that same dog was missing.

Siberia, a 5-month-old tan and white Chihuahua, could fit in a backpack, a purse, even a large pocket (probably).  Be on the lookout for a young girl with something to hide (that narrows it down!) and call the Fort Collins Police if you come across Siberia!

To get a good look at Siberia--- click here!