If you haven't broken a phone, laptop or other electronic device in your lifetime, then consider yourself lucky! If you've ever had to "resuscitate" your phone in a bag of rice like in the picture above, you know what we are talking about.

We are helping Simply Mac celebrate their brand new store opening in Greeley, and they gave us a $250 gift card to give away to our listeners. The store is your one stop shop for everything Mac, including repairs to those devices you might have been a little rough on. That being said, we though what better way to give away the $250 gift card than to reward someone for their unfortunate accident with a Mac product so that they can get it repaired.

We want to hear your best stories related to accidents with Mac products. You know, like that time you accidentally took your iPhone swimming or made the mistake of giving your kids the password to your iTunes account. We will take story submissions now through Saturday, November 2nd at midnight. Then we will pick out our favorite submission to win the $250 gift card to Simply Mac. Good Luck!