Driverless cars.  Think of the possibilities.  We can fiddle with tunes, text, put on make up without using a knee to steer, and maybe even catch some Z's en route.  I'm in!

ABI Research predicts there will be more than 10 million “robotic” vehicles in North America in the year 2032. That'll be about half of the new vehicles. They also say the first commercial self-driving cars will show up in the U.S. a decade from now.

So I'm fully expecting to have a driverless truck in 2023.  I envision it pulling my horse trailer with me in the back with my Arabian horses.

Susan Moore, TSM

We'll enjoy the scenery, maybe have cold refreshing adult beverages, and feel the breeze.  Wow, this is beyond amazing...

SusanMoore, TSM

I will responsibly keep my trucks on the road for the next ten years, until my driverless
truck becomes my reality. Would you be comfortable letting something drive the car instead of someone?

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