Certainly I'm not the only woman who's taken a picture of a star to a
salon and asked, "Can You Cut My Hair Like This?" Jennifer at  'Designing
Beauty Academy' on Main Street in Windsor looked at the photo and said
yes, and in fact she'd cut it in a more up to date style!  For the last year
I have been growing out my hair to it's 'natural color'.

After frying and dying it for nearly 20 years there was really no other choice.  The ends feel like twine and it's an awful shade of orange. I found this picture of Dolly Parton's hair (which is most likely a wig) and thought this cut would rid me of lots of damaged hair while still keeping some length.

Dolly Parton Website

here's my hair today...THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!

Todd Harding, TSM


See my Facebook post from about a year ago:

February 24, 2012

Susan Moore, TSM

From this point on I am letting my gray hair grow out...this is the last picture of me as a brunette (out of a bottle)