I remember a snippet of a poem my mom would sing to me,

Make some new friends, keep the old

One is silver, the other gold

The same, it seems, goes for British musicians. Paul McCartney is the old gold, Adele is the new silver.


According to the annual Rich List, published by the Sunday Times, Sir Paul is the wealhiest person in the music in the U.K. He is worth an unfathomable $1.045 billion-dollar fortune.  His wife, Nancy Shevell, helped a little bit. She is an heiress who brought a reported fortune of over $230 million to their marriage.  But even without that extra cash, Paul has topped the Rich List's "music millionaires" section every year since it was introduced in 1989.

Other musicians in the Brit top 10 this year include U2, in at #3 with a fortune of just under $800 million; Elton John, who at #4 is worth just under $370 million; and Sting,who's in at #9 with a fortune of $277 million.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of theRolling Stones are also in the top 10, as are Olivia and Dhani Harrison, the widow and son of the late Beatle George Harrison.

The Times' Young Music Rich List is a special ranking for younger musicians. Adele is #1, with an estimated fortune of $46 million.  The Times says she earned over $15 million last year, despite the fact that she didn't release a new album and didn't tour.

The members of One Direction are also on that list, with fortunes of just under $8 million each.