Last year, due to combination of being busy and not quite motivated enough, we missed the changing of the aspen leaves from their summer green to the autumn yellow by about a week. An early October trip wasn't early enough, and instead of stark yellowing contrasting against the green, we just saw green. This year, we decided that we would make it.

It's that time again!

Over the weekend, we took a quick jaunt into Rocky Mountain National Park and, much to our delight, we are just about in peak season. Their is still time left (note the date published on this blog post), because I saw quite a few trees stubbornly staying with the summer green, while their brothers and sisters are proudly succumbing to autumn's yellow.

The park was crowded, but awesome as ever. We decided to do a little exploring and found that Old Fall River Road is an absolute gem. It's a dirt road that is the other way up to the top of the pass. Lots of steep switchbacks and bumpy tracts took us all the way through the valley and out at the Trail Ridge Road Store.