There are some ludicrous TV shows out there. I've pointed out some of that madness in the past, and also admitted that, yes, in order to so enthusiastically describe the horrible programming I have to watch it. The question is still out there...What's worse, the actual programming or the fact that I watch it. Well, just like the real train wreck, I can't look away.


Most of what I can't look away from is the bad behavior, but there are other aspects of reality TV shows actually do make compelling programming.

So, here are my favorite reality TV shows that aren't train wrecks, and even could be considered positive.

Shark Tank

I even want to be on this one so I can get one of the Sharks to invest in my kids story book apps. On this show, contestants go in front of a panel of venture capitalists. They have a moment to pitch their business and ask for a certain dollar amount. If one of the Sharks doesn't offer the full amount they asked for, they leave with nothing.

This show is the entrepreneur's dream. It's fascinating to see the ideas people are developing, and also interesting to be able to learn what these investors are seeking.


Pawn Stars

I've spent hours watching this show. The attraction is the same every time, and is stated by the show's star and shop owner Rick Harrison in the intro.

You never know what is going to walk through that door.

Harrison is a smart guy. He knows a little bit about everything, is a savvy businessman, and when he doesn't know, has a cast of experts that come in and evaluate the different items and help to put values on them.

Common theme - People always think their item is worth 1,000 times more than it is.

Cake Boss

Famiglia. Jersey. Cake!

Cake Boss is one of the original reality successes, because watching what these people do is completely fascinating. Watching the expertise with which they create life like cakes is fun. Seeing what kind of crazy cakes people want keeps bringing me back. Then, the staff is lovable, from Buddy, to Mauro and all their family members, this show is a great example of how all reality TV is not about terrible behavior.