U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (A former Colorado Senator) was caught on tape threatening to hit a Colorado Springs Gazette reporter at a campaign rally for President Obama last week.

I'm no politician, but I  thought the old "no comment" response was how they are supposed to handle questions they don't want to answer.

According to the Gazzette, an investigative reporter named Dave Philipps had being trying to contact Salazar for months about  problems in the government's wild horse program. With Salazar scheduled to be at the Obama rally in Colorado on November 6th, the reporter took that chance to ask his questions in person.

The story detailed how a Colorado man with business connections to Salazar had been sold hundreds of federally protected wild horses despite being a proponent of horse slaughter. The fate of the horses is unknown.

When Philipps began asking Salazar about the program and possible personal ties he had to the wild horse buyer now under investigation, Salazar cut the interview short.

Salazar allegedly shoved the reporter's camera out of the way and said, "Don't you ever...You know what, you do that again... I'll punch you out."

Talk about an unprofessional reaction! I know reporters can be really aggravating at times, but that response makes me think, "Wow, somebody got caught red-handed." I obviously don't know if that is the case or not, but he sure sounded like he wasn't happy someone was airing out his dirty laundry.

The Gazette reported that Salazar released a statement today saying, "He 'regrets' threatening to punch a Gazette reporter."

Really, you think?!

I would love to be around the day a politician says, "Yeah, I'm glad I threatened that punk of a reporter, he was asking questions I didn't want to answer. I should have socked him one." At least then we might hear a little more truth with our politics.

I'm sure this story is going bring a lot of drama to the table over the next few days.