Just last year I made the joke that it wouldn't be too much longer before people started staking out their spots with tarps and blankets for the Greeley Stampede’s July 4th Parade a month early. At least in some spots, spots won't be staked out early at all this year. 

It's become tradition to head out to the parade route a few days early, and use a tarp, blanket or something like that to save yourself a spot for one of the most attended Fourth of July parades anywhere. The spots seem to be taken earlier and earlier every year.

The University of Northern Colorado, which has property along the route, has had enough. This year the tradition of using tarps to save spots along the parade route will not be allowed on their property as large items kill the grass within days because they restrict the water and oxygen the grass gets, the school said.

However, officials say that if parade watchers wish to reserve spaces with ribbons, tape, rope or string, that is acceptable.

Day of the parade you can bring your tarps and blankets, you just have to stay with your items. The following items are what aren't allowed to be left... Tarps, plastic sheeting, sleeping bags, heavy blankets, and other similar items.