September is a usually a great time to get married, except for this year.

Many couples have had to cancel or scramble to make their wedding happen these past few days due to the flood. Either their venue got flooded, lost power, caters canceled, places destroyed or whatever the case, it's not good. It's also a pretty stressful situation.

Luckily, there is help. Save My Colorado Wedding is here to help save your special day. The page just joined facebook 2 days ago and already are getting the likes. They have volunteers ready to help couples displaced by the flooding that has taken over Colorado.

This is a true blessing! I , unfortunately, am among those couples that are scrambling to save their special day. My fiance and I are scheduled to get married at Ellis Ranch this upcoming week and the ranch is really close to the Thompson flooding and we haven't heard anything from the venue and are worried. Also, our caterer had to cancel because of his house getting flooded. This is just not a good deal all around. So far, Save My Colorado Wedding has emailed us a couple of potential back ups in case it doesn't work out at Ellis as well as caterers. They are a God send!

If you are one of the many, many couples that have had September weddings hindered by the flood then you need to check them out and see what they can do to help you with your day. Click HERE to find out more.

Thoughts and prayers go out to EVERYONE! Victims, rescue workers, law enforcement, families.